NGL Approves Outdoor Venues

by NGL Personnel

ATLANTA, GA-- The 2020 National Gridiron League (NGL) will indeed spark a new era for the sport of eight-man football, as the league has approved and officially announced its intention to become an outdoor gridiron football league. The move happens after months of internal discussion on the viability of moving away from indoor and arena football's traditional setting of playing indoors. 

"We battled with the decision for months. It's tough to move away from the traditional environment of the sport, but as we gathered all the information and reviewed all of the options from player safety to the facility and financial opportunities, it became a no-brainer," stated league Chairman Joe McClendon III. "When you review it, there have only been two other professional styles of football that have survived twelve-man with the Canadian Football League and eleven-man with the National Football League both are played outdoors. We're hoping to be the eight-man option that takes the sport to the next level. We can all see the success the XFL is having."

The league rules will not be affected by the move to outdoor venues as the league will still play under gridiron football rules, which are similar to traditional arena football rules, with each team having eight players on the field at a time. In addition, the league will make arrangements to alter spectator seating to keep the consistency of the intimate environment of arena football. 

The move received a majority vote of approval from the league's board of directors.

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