NGL By the Numbers

by NGL Personnel

Atlanta, GA--  The National Gridiron League's free agency period is in full swing. National Gridiron League (NGL) executives and the league's players have reached a working agreement. The players are working with the NGL providing the league time to stabilize. Teams have been able to sign free agent players discovering some of the best talents in the country. Here at Draft Xtreme, we will examine National Gridiron League team rosters to see just how the league stacks up.

There are currently over 400 players signed to NGL team contracts with over 30% of players having played collegiately at the NCAA's Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) level. With so many players having competed at college football's highest division, fans should expect to see great football next spring. With over a third of players coming from brands fans can identify with is reasonable to expect some familiar names in NGL uniforms.

Former Football Bowl Subdivision players are the highest percentage of players currently signed, but the National Gridiron League is a league of opportunity. Players from both NCAA's Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) and Division II (D2) football are well represented. In fact, FCS and D2 players make-up roughly 42% percent of league players, with each division compensating for 21% percent each.

A division that is known for hardworking players, the NCAA's Division III (D3) football represents a significant amount, with 10% of National Gridiron League players hailing from D3 schools. Ten percent would represent the highest number of D3 players signed in any professional football league. It is further illustrating the National Gridiron League's commitment to providing all players an opportunity to compete regardless of program or division cache.

Other levels for football represented include the NAIA's Division I football, alternative route, and Junior College Football (JUCO). With the NAIA representing 8%, other with 6%, and JUCO with 4% of players.

Whatever the case and regardless of their previous stops, National Gridiron League fans care about one thing. Good football! So National Gridiron League, let's get the business handled and play some great ball this spring.

Additional facts of interest, Saint Louis Stampede's Ryan Bubulka is the tallest player in the league standing at 6 feet and 9 inches tall. While Atlanta Wildcats running back, Brycen Alleyne is the shortest standing at only 5 foot and 6 inches tall.

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