Player Compensation & Roster News

by NGL Staff

JACKSONVILLE- Today, the National Gridiron League announced it's 2019 player compensation schedule along with some exciting news on team rosters.

“Indoor football is one of the fastest, most engaging games out there,” said Joe McClendon, President of the National Gridiron League. “We are excited to announce the player compensation for the 2019 season that we believe will bring top talent to our league.  Our player compensation schedule guarantees excitement for our fans and a decent wage for our players."

With the NGL set to begin next spring, and a free agent draft set to take place October 1st, the next question is how much is player compensation?

The NGL is proud to announce a new and innovative approach to player compensation to kickoff the league's debut season. Each NGL franchise will have a system of seven different tiers to sign players.  Players will be allowed to negotiate personal compensation packages at one of these seven tier levels.  With players that sign a tier 1 compensation package also being granted a trade clause of the right of refusal.  The tiered compensation packages range from $6,000 to $20,000.  Teams will sign their players for one, two, or three-year contracts.

This method of signing players will be unique to the first season, according to McClendon.  In future seasons, players will be signed in a way that “serves the needs of an established league, its teams, players, and fans.”

NGL teams will be allowed to sign up to thirty-five players to invite to team minicamps and training camp.  At the conclusion of team training camp, twenty-two players may remain on each team's active game day roster; with six additional players being allowed to remain on each team's roster as inactive players. Likewise, teams must provide housing and practice facilities for their players—and they must meet a professional standard set by NGL.

More detail on these announcements, as well as some exciting new league partnerships, will be announced in the coming weeks.